Petita Demas is a paraphrase of “Petit to Demás” which means “Small to others / Small in height”.

We are a company dedicated to our friends who are small in height but big in our hearts.

Our aim is to light the spark of curiosity in children.

Creating games for kids

We build creative, educational apps for children aged 2-5. As parents, we feel responsible for the aesthetic education of our children and we believe this can shape the way they experience, interact and later on reshape our world.

Family Play

The time has come when parents and children are happy to play games together, rather than using games as a distraction technique. This will lead to a world where parents don’t feel guilty for allowing their children play with mobile devices.

Diverse Aesthetics

We’re creating a portfolio of children’s games with diverse aesthetic approaches, so choosing one of our apps is like looking in a window of great children’s book shop. At the moment our library includes Match & Learn Series and Pico the Penguin.

Meet the Team

Through a research-led approach, we create aesthetically sound games, along with great production values, crystal-clear concepts and children friendly user interface design.

Karavellas Konstantinos

Co-founder/ Partner
Master in Science in interactive multimedia/ University of Westminster.
Multi awarded Creative Director.

Alex Papanastasiou

Fashion Design/ Central St. Martin’s College of Art & Design in London.

"“If you can light the spark of curiosity in a child, they will learn without any further assistance, very often. Children are natural learners.”"

− Sir Ken Robinson

Pure Fun
No third-party ads are ever to be found in our games.
As a Know What’s Inside® member, we follow best practices for children’s apps.

We believe education and creativity will make the world a better place.

Join us on our journey!