Match & Learn
The Greek Gods

Who are these Greek gods? What do they do all day long? Are they just watching over us mortals or are they being a little human themselves? Learn more about these fascinating characters through exciting stories of their everyday lives.

Oliver’s hair
A book about feelings

His hair is made of green leaves and when his emotions change his leaves change too. What will his new neighbours make of that? An inspiring journey that teaches children to accept their differences and never to be afraid of expressing their feelings.

The Extraordinary book of Silly Superpowers
A book about being different

A children’s book that is different from the others, talks about being different. Every person has a superpower that distinguishes them from other people. This book collects the most incredible, the most extraordinary and surely the most silly superpowers that a person can have.

"My nursery class love it when we play. I especially like to use it as a reward at the end of a school day. It never fails to engage them and send them home happy. More please!"

− 1 Primary

"Throughout the app, the graphic design is of an exceptional quality, with masses of visual appeal, great use of colour and really engaging characters and animations."

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"Fantastic game for pre-school and foundation stage children. It is bright and engaging and aids development within the EYFS."

− AL6742

"I. Love. This. App!!!!"

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