The Greek Gods – A Day in Greece

Texts by Athina Bali
Illustrations by Chloé Ponthus
The sequel to the best-selling book series “Match and Learn the Greek Gods”!

This time, the Greek Gods adventure around Greece,
and manage to get themselves in all sorts of trouble! Luckily, everywhere they go they find new friends,
who always have something to teach them. Because not even gods know it all.

Read the adventures of these 12 incredible gods and their friends including:

In Athens. A tragic… comedy!
A walk in Athens ends up with none other than… Aeschylus, the “father” of tragedy.
In Crete. Cleanliness is next to Olympian godliness!
Together with King Minos, the first King of Crete, and a different water melon!
In Santorini. Bon appétit!
Euphemus, an Argonaut and son of Poseidon, is happy to cook for the gods.
In Pelion. Do not lift a finger!
Everything is just perfect with Chiron, the best host ever, and the most outstanding of the Centaurs!


“The Greek Gods – A Day in Greece” is a 32 page hardback book, printed on FSC assured paper.
You can find it in two editions: English and Greek.
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