The League of Silly Superpowers and the Plastic Island


About the book:

The sequel to the best-selling book series “The Extraordinary Book of Silly Superpowers”.
When a whale with a stomach full of plastic litter surfaces on a Greek island the League of Silly Super Powers takes action.

All of our favorite superheroes from the Extraordinary Book of Silly Superpowers embark on a new adventure full of action and surprises. A story that takes them to a plastic island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There, they will use their superpowers to defeat a new super-villain and save the world. A book about the environment, plastics, the sea and how everyone can make a difference.

“The League of Silly Superpowers and the Plastic Island” is a 36 page hardback book, printed on FSC assured paper. You can find it in two editions: English and Greek.