Match and Learn The Greek Gods

Winner of a Parents’ Choice Approved Award.
Selected by The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts NY to receive a W³ Silver Award.
Recognized as a Finalist in the Made for Mums Toy Awards.
Discover the wonder and wisdom of the Greek Gods!
A witty, educational puzzle game for children aged 2-6 with fun characters that really come to life.
Match 12 Greek Gods, each with their own story, in 4 different levels of engagement and clever animations that bring a smile.

M&L The Greek Gods Book out now!

Winner of a Parents’ Choice Approved Book Award.

Learn more about their fascinating characters through four exciting stories about their everyday lives.

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Meet the Greek Gods!


• Beautiful hand-drawn frames of animation that reveal each character’s personality
• 4 mini-games, subtly developed at different levels of engagement to appeal to ages 4-6 as well as toddlers age 2-4
• Match and Learn™ built in mechanics to develop your child’s puzzle and motor skills
• Uplifting, engaging music and funny sound effects throughout the game, personalised to each character
• Fun, engaging poems highlighting the story of each Greek God, recited with unique style that will put a smile on any face
• Personalised experience for your child by entering their name before playing the game

iMessage Animated Stickers pack

Add the wonder and wisdom of the Greek Gods to your iMessages
and have tons of fun with your favorite characters!


Creating a loveable character’s adventure, step by step.

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