Meet Pico the Penguin

Follow him to his adventures around the world 

Pico the Penguin lives far away, in the freezing cold of Antarctica. One day, he decided to go on a journey around the world, to visit his friends. But where his friends live, it’s not as cold as Antarctica! And just like you need to keep warm, Pico needs to keep cool! So, what is Pico going to do? That’s what friends are for! Play and help him out!

Making of Pico the Penguin

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Renne the Rhino

Renne the Rhino gets super hot in the summer. To keep cool, she goes for a swim in the lake and covers herself head to toe with squishy fresh mud, that acts just like sunblock! Want to be as cool as Renne the Rhino in the summer? Don’t forget to apply lots of SPF 15+ sunscreen throughout the day, especially if you go swimming!

Elliott the Elephant

It gets really hot in the jungle! To keep himself cool, Elliott the Elephant can suck up to 17 litres of water through his trunk, just like through a straw, and then sprays the cold water all over his body just like taking a shower! Want to be as cool as Elliott the Elephant in the summer? Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses!

Kenny the Kangaroo

Bouncing around in Australia can make you work up a sweat! To keep cool, Kenny the Kangaroo licks his forearms. When the saliva evaporates, it helps him to cool down! Want to be as cool as Kenny the Kangaroo in the summer? Donʼt forget to seek shade during the hottest hours and always wear a hat!

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