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Match and Learn The Greek Gods

Discover the wonder and wisdom of the Greek Gods!

A witty, educational puzzle game for children aged 2-6 with fun characters that really come to life. Match 12 Greek Gods, each with their own story, in 4 different levels of engagement and clever animations that bring a smile. Funny, engaging poems recited with a unique style by a professional actor in English, German and Greek.

Greek Gods Animated Stickers pack

Add the wonder and wisdom of the Greek Gods to your iMessages and have tons of fun with your favorite characters!

Match and Learn The Professions

Children love to talk about what they want to be when they grow up!

As you play this game together, they learn that life is full of choices, and you can talk about that all important question together in a fun and creative way! What’s it all about: an educational puzzle game for 2-6 year olds. In three animated stripes, children match 10 different characters, each with their own profession.

The Professions Animated Stickers pack

35 beautifully animated hand-drawn stickers, with a sense of humor that you will love at first sight!

Pico the Penguin

Follow him to his adventures around the world

Pico the Penguin lives far away, in the freezing cold of Antarctica. One day, he decided to go on a journey around the world, to visit his friends. But where his friends live, it’s not as cold as Antarctica! And just like you need to keep warm, Pico needs to keep cool! So, what is Pico going to do? That’s what friends are for! Play and help him out!