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Books About Feelings


Follow this curious little shape on a journey of discovery as it goes in search of its true identity.

Books About Feelings

Zoe and Markos VS Hackers

A modern Odyssey about the dangers in electronic games.
Books About Feelings

Zoe and the Wildgirls

An adventure about unlocking the inner power we didn’t know we have.
Books About the Environment

I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast

Ever wondered where your breakfast cereal comes from?

From the creator of The Secret of Black Rock

A Mouse Called Julian

Julian the mouse has lived alone for as long as he can remember, and that’s just the way he likes it.

The Young’uns Collection

Slumber of Sloths

It is time to go to bed, but all the sheep you were planning to count are busy!
The Young’uns Collection

The Many Faces of Book Face

How many faces can you make? Well, Book Face can make pages and pages of them.
Books About Feelings

Oliver’s Hair

An inspiring journey, that teaches children to accept the unusual and express their feelings.
Books About Feelings

The Lines on Nana’s Face

There’s a lot more to a wrinkle than meets the eye. Each little line carries its own story…
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Greek Mythology

Match and Learn The Greek Gods

Who are these Greek gods? What do they do all day long? Discover their wonder and wisdom!
Greek Mythology

Greek Gods A Day in Greece

The Greek gods adventure around Greece, and manage to get themselves into all sorts of trouble!
Books We Love

Croc and the Choc

Croc just loves a choccy treat or two. However, he soon discovers that too much of a good thing is not such a good idea.
Books We Love

The Hairys

A story about making the most out of what we have, because our differences make us special, unique, and finally one of the team.