I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast


Written by Michael Holland – Illustrations by Philip Giordano

Ever wondered where your breakfast cereal comes from? Did you know that the rubber in your shoes came from a tree? Do you know about plants that can heal or hurt you? This beautifully illustrated compendium of fascinating nature facts celebrates the plants that fill our lives.
Age: 7-11 years

Extent: 128 pages – Includes fun, DIY projects.
Dimensions: 210 x 270 mm
ISBN: 978-1-8382368-0-9
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A world of Plants

Enter the incredible world of plants to learn about the green machines of the natural world. Using just the rays of the sun, trees and flowers help create everything from rubber to honey. Find out the powerful science going on in every leaf, petal and stem with vibrant illustrations that will make you look at plants in a whole new way.

DIY: Cornflour Slime

Slime: nature edition! For this one all you’ll need is some fine cornflourwater and a bit of food colouring – not a manmade chemical in sight. You could even try making your own food colouring from turmericbeetroot, or spinach! Truly a-maize-ing stuff.