The Many Faces of Book Face


Written by Lewis Bostrand-Mooney – Illustrations by Farah Nehmé

How many faces can you make? Well, Book Face can make pages and pages of them. Some are happy, some are not so happy, and some are very, very silly indeed. Just take a look inside and see.
Age: 0-3, 3-5 years
In the same series: Slumber of Sloths, Croc and the Choc

Extent: 36 pages – Includes mirror to make your own faces in
Dimensions: 245 x 245 mm
ISBN: 978-1-9160204-6-7
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More about the book

“Like most parents, I enjoy reading to my kids each night, especially the same story 17 times in a row. But it was my son’s fascination with facial expressions that inspired me to create ‘The many faces of Book Face’. A picture book for pre-schoolers that’s all about facial expressions and feelings.”
Lewis Bostrand – Mooney