Oliver’s Hair – A Book About Emotions


Written by Theo Tsecouras – Illustrations by Camille Ferrari
With the care of Anthia Navridi Clinical Psychologist – Psychotherapist, Phd

What a curious boy Oliver is! His hair is made of green leaves and when his emotions change his leaves change too. What will his new neighbours make of that? An inspiring journey that teaches children to accept their differences and never to be afraid of expressing their feelings.
Age: 3-5 years
Awards: Winner of an EBGE Design Award Mention for Best Illustration

Extent: 38 pages – Includes 2 pages with handicraft
Dimensions: 270 x 235 mm
ISBN: 978-0-9956731-2-0
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A new children’s book…

tells us how important it is to express your feelings and sense the feelings of others.
Through a cheerful adventure, children learn about the fear of the new and the need to resist to people that try to frighten you. With handcraft cut-outs for a game that helps children express their feelings.